My new wall

Some of you might remember me mentioning a little project that I have been working on in my new flat… in fact for a long time it literally took over my life as I decided I wanted to do it myself! So I did. Well I did get some help of the bf that I had flown over for a weekend and in the end I even had to turn to hired help, to make the finishing touches perfect.. but now it’s done. I am quite happy… I finally have it.. my own brick wall…<3first we bought slim bricks and adhesive and started placing the bricks on the wall…

with the gaps we had to improvise… and the whole process was quite fun….

I wanted an ‘old-meets-modern feel’, hence the spotlights from ikea…

next up was the mortar pointing… which turned out to be easier said than done! so after a failed attempt.. I gave up….

and hired help… it took a few days.. and the house was a horrible mess..

finally the finished wall! and it was all worth it… 🙂

excited to see the whole flat already? still working on it, but I promise to keep you updated here and on on twitter

loove you all, thank you for the sweet words and support.. <3