Brights in milan


acne pink dress & leather waistcoat
both via my-wardrobe
zara bag
acne shoes

Woah I’m wearing pink… spring works wonders I guess.  Been trying to avoid the color – but decided to jumpstart spring as I was bored with everything else in my closet… I packed for milan in panic, but was saved by the bell aka. delivery man at my door with a acne order from my-wardrobe. Acne is a good reason to wear pink, jil sander – also acceptable.

It was really nice to meet all the lovely bloggers at the bemilan weekend, thanks to daniel at stockholm streetstyle for the great photo! 
tomorrow morning I’m off to paris! class trip though and a few weeks to early in my opinion.. would have much rather timed it in with paris fashion week.. oh well there will always be next season. We are going to premiere vision – where after I must go to colette and shop vintage in the jewish quarter! That is pretty much all I know about what to visit so please let me know if you know any great markets/must sees!
As much as our teacher have advised us pack light, wear comfortable shoes and turn up in time, I’m only gonna try to aim for the last option haha, au revoir!