In milan

pic 1 by carrie
pic 4 & 8 by iris

Hi from milan! some snaps from a sunny day, mostly excited about the being anywhere where you can survive the day in just a leather jacket! the city is beautiful, even how the sun hits the tall buildings is completely different to london.. not that I have seen the sun in a while and even when I do, it’s never this hazy and I mean that in the best possible way..

We spent the day shopping and meeting other bloggers, which was fun! walked around in jil sander and went awh at everything, visited corso como, which was a refreshing experience and was impressed by carries beehive up-do, tutorial – here.

and god, how much of a difference does my new 50 mm lens make…? all these taken with it.. lovin it
ps. we are traveling with some fully equipped streetstyle photographers so hopefully proper outfit posts soon to come…