pictures by me and stefanie

So finally my sunday at lovebox in pictures! I have to admit I’m not the first one in the queue when it comes to festivals but the long list of impressive artists and the fact that this all was taking place only 15 min out from central london was the perfect excuse to get a night off from essay writing..

Me and my sis had the privilege of being invited by who provided us with a shelter from the rain while nurturing us with delicious food and dangerous drinks… I also had a chance to browse through the upcoming collection when I was not balancing in the mud, struggling to see the acts… (fail-choice of shoes but hey I have to live up to my reputation right?)
a million thanks to the lovely boohoo team for having us as guests!

I wore my zara kimono that you already saw a few posts back, old denim shirt that I apparently love tying as pictured, a new amazing alexander wang leather waistcoat, that I hope to wear forever, topshop pants I wore way too much last winter (looks like they will continue being a favorite), a pair of now ruined opening ceremony boots!! an old but amazing prada fringe bag and random camden hat. That’s a very long list but as rarely as I go to festivals, I really tried, right?!