Trying some Mezi

isabel marant top

I may have my trusted favorite brands, I’m assuming we all do, but when it comes to breaking out of the patterns we so blindly follow, I’m more than happy to give a new name a chance. This week I have been playing around with these pieces by Mezi… it did not take me very long to get impressed by the multi (multi) chain party and that awesome copper snake, I can undoubtedly say that this is another fantastic thing coming from Australia. Not only are the surfer boys a brilliant reason to visit Oz, but my list of brands to watch is starting to look very Aussie heavy. And I kinda really like that.

Out of all of this beautiful jewellery I have decided to share the joy with you, by giving away a piece! So for a opportunity to win this bracelet, just leave a comment below with your details, and I’ll pick a lucky one by next weeks monday. Good luck