Maybe baby

mango top
second hand sun visor

I tired the sun visor one day.. the 80’s favorite that is being sold on ebay as a joke is cool now that they have been officially included in both resort and summer collections of Balenciaga, Givenchy and more. I guess they want us to take them seriously. I did not take myself that seriously and I decide the I looked a bit ridic in this yellow one.. and since I won’t be getting the Balenciaga version because it retails for $1013 (yeah, really) I might get myself this less embarrassing plain version for later use, or not.


The same afternoon I wore the cap instead, which I liked much more. I wore it with a somewhat new La la land sweater, or at least all new to me! it’s so refreshing to get away from black every once in a while. So stocking up on cutsy prints and pastels is what I’m planning next.