A Make-up post

Okay so a little post that I’ve been meaning to make forever… May I stress that I’m not an expert on this field, but under the years I’ve grown quite fond of few products, which majority happen to be Mac (see a little earlier post here). In real life I’m quite the make-up hoarder, but I just updated my stash and polished my palettes so here we go..

Foundation. L’Oreal’s True Match is a miracle cream, covers everything and stays on all day. The foundation is created to match your skin tone perfectly, I usually have a selection of two or three shades handy, depending on the season (read: where I am that week). I also use different shades around my face. I vary between the warm (W) and neutral (N) shades.

Another great foundation is Giorgio Armani’s Face Fabric. A bit little less covering than the previously mentioned, but leaves the perfect matt finish. My mother uses this one as well, so simply worth the money. I use shade 3.

Concealer. Also from L’Oreal’s True Match range, perfect for under eyes and small imperfections.

Powder. As well True Match by L’Oreal, choose a light shade as it adjusts to your skin tone.

Bronzer. I use Mac’s Matte Bronze and Bare Mineral’s Warmth for a bit more shine.

Blush. Mac again, I always go for a more brownish one, now using Pinch Me.

Highlighter. I found an amazing one by Shiseido in Sweden. Gives a silverish shine, good for cheekbones and lips, I use S3 – the tube will last you forever.

Brushes. I love The Body Shop’s range. They are artificial but I find them better than real hair, weirdly enough.

Eye shadows. Although being a quite new discovery for me, I love the Naked palette by Urban Decay. I also use a wide range of Mac’s shadows, favorites include: Cut To Fit, Swiss Chocolate, Red Brick, Tete-a-tint and much more.

Mascara. In my teens my friend introduced me to Maxfactor’s range of waterproof mascaras, almost 10 years later I’m not even thinking about changing. Waterproof because that way you can be assured the lashes will stay looking fresh all day. I vary between the different Maxfactor ones, faves are Masterpiece and the 2000 Calories one. I think all Maxfactor waterproof mascaras are very similar in consistence, just varies in types of brushes.

Eyelash curler. I could not live without this little thing, makes in my opinion a huge difference. Shu Uemura and Mac has the best one’s I’ve tried.

Kohls. Mac again for the pencils, L’Oreal’s Super Liner for liquid.

Eyebrows. I use a brown colored gel, best ones are by Anastasia and Mac.

Lips. Hands down Mac all the way. For lipsticks I love: Creme D’nude, Snob and Saint Germain. In lip glosses I use Japanese Spring (by Daphne Guinness for Mac), Fashion Whim and Wildy Lush – which ps. smells and tastes like cake. I eat like one a week.

Other little faves… I’m addicted to The Body Shop’s coconut body butter, I would go as far as saying that everyone who smells it – will buy it. You are really going to want to eat it too, but don’t – it’s a disappointment. The hemp cream is amazing as well, I always carry it with me. When my lips aren’t covered in nude lipsticks or delicious cake lip glosses I use Smith’s Minted Rose lip balm.

So here we have it! I don’t necessarily go through this whole process every morning, but it’s surely nice to try to inspire myself to pay a bit more attention to my face…