How to run a circus

MMM x H&M; coat
ZARA blazer
COS shirt
ACNE pants
Or more like how to get away with looking like a ring leader, hockey judge, escaped prisoner – believe me I’ve heard it all. Crazy mid-week impulse buy was these Acne leather pants that zips open, reveling my inner eager 90’s child. So new and fresh, like leather track pants with the stipe on the wrong side.

I also finally have new hair! I’m now ash blond and there is even a little side fringe. The change would be a lot more visible if I weren’t doing the hair flip in every picture. Not to worry the length have not been sacrificed, but it took a god damn 6 hours. Not sure how I feel about it yet.

Also happy Mothers day to all UK mums! The rose petals are for you.

Oh and one more thing, I’m now off to LA!!