Poppy & Black

ZARA overalls
ALEXANDER WANG ‘Pelican’ bag
Today I learned to never underestimate the power of a great silk shirt. Emphasis on silk, so I am going to have to limit my high-street shirt buying. Why did it take me so long to give this shirt a proper blogpost? It’s usually the first thing I pack every time I’m traveling. I have no doubt why Equipment has a cult like following.
Also on the perfect tote hunt I think I can rest for a while. For my mid-sized bag category this one is better than perfect, dare I say it has filled a hole that Celine’s trapeze bag managed to drill in my mind, or am I upsetting the fashion gods by saying that…? I can’t help but love the crispy croc embossed leather, it catches the light like it’s been schooled by Tyra!