Girls who like boys

Girls who like boys, and their clothes, of course. I got dressed in Gant’s menswear to celebrate their new Girls in Gant Rugger campaign (insert obvious hashtag to look it up). The campaign that somewhat describes me to a T, is headed by fellow blogger, stylist and one of my favorite persons to stalk online, Columbine Smille. You know already know that I like shopping for shirts in the menswear section, but what did come as a surprise was that the perfect boyfriend jeans were found from the shelves of Soho’s Rugger store. It’s pretty damn easy to play with an oversized silhouette when everything is made for the shoulders of a man. However with sizing going down to XS, oversized does not mean drowning in fabric for us girls. Add the highest, but casual heels – understated is the name of the game.