Invest in the classics

Ehrm, it’s a new Saint Laurent bag here saying hi, accompanied by a pair pair of matching pumps. I know it and you too that Saint Laurent is making the most lust-worthy leathers right now. Turns out dropping Yves was an update that got me on my knees. But hold on, not all that glitters is Saint Laurent. I did not hesitate a second when I found my dream Acne jacket on one of my favorite sites –Vestiaire Collective, for a fraction of the original price. I’m ready to give up my little shopping secret that is Vestiaire, because my obsession will keep me one click ahead.

I’m here to underline the importance of investing in the classics. Although investing is not necessary always the case, especially when you can get a new season Chanel, Celine and definitely all things Saint Laurent for much less than you were fearing. This marketplace that does the cherry picking on our behalf, also operates fantastic authenticity checks, which keeps those nasty fakes away! It’s basically like shopping the sales all year around, with the thrill of the chase, of course.

Life is short, so do your Zara basics a favour and update yourself with a gorgeous pair of new shoes. I guarantee it will bring you a satisfaction so strong you’ll contemplate feeling ashamed of you materialistic euphoria.

Now overcome that problem, and you’re golden.