The white shirt, reinvented

Easy to say that I’m a sucker for the good old classics. Not taking about the beige pumps, trench coats or pencil skirts, so what am I talking about? ‘Simple’ is seen in the blogosphere every day, so where do you draw the line between boring and effortless? Not trying to throw witty wisdoms at you, I am actually asking an honest question; What are the wardrobe classics that never fail, or is it up to the wearer to reinvent a look? Partially I am trying to justify the beauty of a white button-down, the classic that appeared in probably over a hundred of my posts, but still always feels so fresh to see it in action. That is, of course, if I’m wearing the right one.

I am not saying Charlie May’s version is the only correct white one, but it’s noting like you’ve really seen before, right? So when a designer puts a white shirt in front of me that has me feeling both excited and at ease at the same time, she’ll be on the top of my recommendation list.