Festival preparations

sandra7 copyc
H&M; shirt 
H&M; hat
ZARA shorts
It’s that time again, when every weekend seems to be booked up for a four day long festival party, no wonder the Summer has flown by before I even knew it started (still not sure if it actually has started). Anyway, festival dressing for a minimalist like me means one thing: Freedom. I’m not trying to appeal to your emotional side and go into details about liberty and rights, it’s just simply the thought of not having to overthink your sartorial choices.

I’m teaming up with Swarovski again, like I did last year for a little lesson on festival jewellery styling. While my dressing remains laid back and free like I just stated, I’m embracing the finer details in the form of rose-gold tones and crystals. The new collection has a range called Delta and it is everything I want from my jewellery this season, so I decided to wear it all at once. The necklace that comes in three sizes could as well be a set but honestly it’s a selection for someone with seriously bad decision making skills, at least I’m left with options to style them as either as a set or individually. The ring that does come as a set of three is my favourite piece from the new collection, go figure, I’m not one to go ringless anyway.

So with Helsinki’s Flow behind, there is one more festival to tackle this summer, V festival this weekend! Make sure to follow me on Instagram for updates. Then it’s back to city hopping, solid grounds and all black outfits (YES).

In collaboration with Swarovski
Photos by Mikko Puttonen