September Beauty Edit

Time to shine light on this month’s beauty favorites. The days are getting shorter so I am soaking up the last possible sun rays, although I never managed to take a proper holiday this year either… Anyway it’s been an amazing summer and on the beauty side I’ve gathered some amazing recommendations for you that works from poolside to night time.
Although this feature is dedicated to make-up, I wanted to introduce you to my favorite and the best sunscreen I’ve encountered. I used to avoid sunscreen on the days that I did not plan to be in the sun because it was always the same story with all the facial sunscreens I tried. It was either pore clogging, oily or simply not the ideal base for your make-up, not to mention the white marks it would leave. I would always try to look for the sunscreens designed for oily skin or for the lightest textures but we all know the higher the SPF, the thicker the cream. I came across a completely new product, Kimberly Sayer SPF 30 sunscreen, in Whole Foods beauty aisle one day and have been a big fan ever since. It’s unbelievably light, smells like lemons and absorbs in seconds. I can’t recommend this product enough as I use it every single day, regardless if I’m wearing make-up or not.
This months absolute favorite make-up product is the Tom Ford ‘Perfecting Traceless’ foundation. This a heavier foundation than the Dior’s Nude Air, that I recommended in my previous beauty post but the way it ‘sets’ and stays on the skin is amazing. The texture can be perceived as ‘cakey’ but don’t be put off until you’ve finished applying. The cream dries on the skin quickly so I found it works best to work small amounts into the skin at the time, using your hands. This is not a foundation to be applied with a brush because you need to massage it in. The finish is extremely natural and gives a healthy glow without the shine, not to mention it will stay on all day and my skin’s condition is better than ever.
Mac’s wide selection of glosses is my go-to lip products, but I stay away from the ones with glitter. The ‘lipglass’ glosses are extremely thick and sticky so it comes with an amazing longevity and you only need a small amount. I usually dab it on with my finger for a naturally light look, it’s is the perfect in-betweener of a lipgloss and a lipstick but because of it’s thickness, be aware of applying a too much or you’ll look like you have paint on your lips.
Another Mac favorite is the eyebrow pen that I use in the lightest colour ‘fling’. Because of the roller you don’t need to carry a sharpener, you’ll always achieve an on point, natural look for your eyebrows. For a day look I recommend going light with the colour choices, to avoid a drawn on look and use a brush to smooth the pen marks.
Max Factor’s 2000 calorie waterproof mascara, or any Max Faxtor waterproof mascaras have been my number one choice for years. They stay on through everything and give the best definition to your lashes. An ideal choice for a hot day or even swimming. You can also rely on this to stay on throughout the day and just ad on the additional eye make-up for the evening.
The Maybelline Nudes palette is definitely the best high-street beauty find at the moment. As you know I am a big fan of neutral make-up and this one has all the colours I need, day or night. Ten points for these being mostly matte and the stronger ones are more shiny than glittery.