The suit that makes the woman

 Meet my latest favorite thing, the skinny suit – a true fashion week whattowear savior. It has to be worn without a bra in a true striped back, no fuss fashion, this time in oxblood, oh how I love that dramatic description. No surprise to you all that tailoring is my go-to whatever the season is, but it is an always evolving project. I think the perfect suits are the ones you discover online but experience in store as they are not the most appealing on a hanger but also a potential disaster if you don’t nail the fit. Almost all suits need a little bit of tweaking, something you learn to appreciate when you get older…(cushioning the blow of my upcoming birthday, sob) but it’s truly one of those golden rules on how to make even the most affordable high-street find look like a million bucks.

Except the fact that you are most likely going to have to leave the store with a suit that does not yet fit perfectly, but it’s all about seeing the potential to a happily ever after. There is only so much you can do to a bad fit and uncomfortable cuts, the prefect suit is going to feel like a hug. So combine your imagination with your gut feeling for the ultimate satisfaction.