Dark urges

My love and affection for Self-Portrait dresses was not left unclear for anyone in this pervious post, I’m planning to continue adoring his creations in the new year, I suggest you join me. But what I really wanted to brainstorm with you was the a certain shoe trend of the past year. 2015 was indeed the year where people seriously wore sneakers with not only cocktail dresses, but gowns. I’m pretty sure I saw someone get married in sneakers…… While I would like to kill of that trend, looks more like it will to die a very slow and painful death, that is if it goes away at all. Please excuse the negativity, I tend to be a bit defensive when we are discussing heel highs.
But here I am again, championing the flatform – the gateway drug to flats, or so I thought. This pair has earned a surprisingly important place in my shoedrobe. Right now I just want to wear pointy stilettos or these. I want to wear them so much that I’m thinking about buying the 2016 version, unless there is a competing flatform that I need to check out? Let the heel lover know.
Photos by Mikko Puttonen