Flowers in January

Don’t talk to me about winter… People in London are complaining about the cold weather, where as I just came from a -28 degree Finland (not even joking). London with it’s long days and dry streets, practically feels like spring. I shot this stunning chiffon dream a while back in Paris before the Paul and Joe show. Wearing a ‘winter maxi’ as I like to call it, is a surprisingly (well maybe not worn as naked as above) valuable option, made possible by this amazingly weak winter. That’s what we do in January, bored with winter but not ready for spring, lost in the -70% sale section trying to make sense of these soon be purchases, thinking are they too seasonal or a good ‘I’ll-cherish-you-forever-buy’? I admit I have not mastered that skill just yet, but any piece that transform from a breezy summer dress to a layerable winter garment like this, is surely worth the splurge.