Shoe of the Month: Manolo Blahnik ‘Hangisi 105mm’

seasonal hand painted version in 105mm | or shimmer textile version

First and foremost, when I was done writing this post, I came across something that threw me off, and quite frankly had me rewrite most of this post! I bought my pair of the Manolo Blahnik ‘Hangisi’ pumps in Saks, NYC, back in October. While I have loved my pair of what I thought was the highest heel from the Hangisi collection, turns out I was wrong – twice! Incredibly enough these pumps are produced in 7 different heel heights (why?!) So let’s take a little more in-depth look at the wiiiiide range of Hangisis…

It’s that time of the month again, to talk about another amazing must have shoe. With embarrassment I admit that I only got the Hangisi pumps a few months ago, Carrie I apologise! Truth is that I always found them extremely beautiful, but so, or even too festive,  with the diamonds, satin and all. However, that is of course the beauty of this pair and they look nothing short from amazing dressed down with a floor length coat stolen from the man in your life, unbrushed hair and sold RBF (resting bitch face) à la The Olsen twins (grande Starbucks cup optional).
The shoe, which is of course known as the pair Big proposed to Carrie with in her new wardrobe (who needs a ring anyway) comes in a variety of colours, you could literally build a shoe rainbow encrusted in diamonds with the Hangisi collection, something I imagine every Hollywood housewives dreams are made of. I am wearing the 105mm in this post, which is the best seller from the range, other personal favourites include grey, green and cobalt blue (I want to be Carrie so bad). The mule version have a ‘so out it’s in’ vibe about them, am I right? D’Orsay and a slingback (named Cassia) are also in production, although they look a bit outdated, the flats I could get on board with if I wore flats, I don’t so let’s just drop that thought right away.
Much like the Valentino Rockstuds, the style secret with this pair is the dressing down option, letting opposites attract, unless you in fact are attending your own wedding. Keep the styling minimal (I say that a lot) and try them with a pair of blue jeans and a white shirt, live the wet dream of a street-style photographer. Also a power suit works wonderfully, nothing like a little androgynous mind game to balance out the contrast perfectly – Let the likes of Olivia Palermo paint that picture for you.
But what makes these ballroom shoes so wonderful, beside the fact that Manolo himself is a DARLING and the nicest person I’ve ever had the privilege to meet, is the amazing comfort. I don’t know if it’s the satin or the ideal overall shape, but they fit your feet like socks. However, tread carefully as they are unsurprisingly not as durable as leather. With that said, I think I just found my wedding shoe…. The most important thing of the big day sorted, right?
Comfort: 5/5
Surprisingly comfortable, easy to walk in and have a great grip. The soft leather lining and satin upper adjust perfectly to your feet.
Quality: 5/5 
Stunning finish in every detail, the shoes look like a million bucks (price not far from that) The downside is that the embellishment can scratch the satin of your opposite shoe when in use, so please be careful! Make sure you are not wearing these on the night your gay friend drags you to Vauxhall at 3am.
Purchase price: $965 at Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC, October 2015.
The price varies from £650 – £695 depending on the finish and style. The price range is quite narrow and the cost is surprisingly enough the same for all of the heel heights. For London based readers, I recommend checking out the amazing selection at Libery in store, (Mr. Blahnik’s favourite store). Click to Harrods or Harvey Nichols for the best online range. US based readers, your best bet is checking BergdorfSaks 5th Avenue or Barneys.
Sizing: Runs true to size.
I bought these in a 37, my usual size, size-wise they run similar to Valentino.