Dry Clean Only

Swimsuit season, is that you? Nope, but for a blogger there is no such thing. It’s ‘force yourself on a holiday whenever you get the chance.’ However, make sure you create a hell load of content while you have turquoise pools and iconic (read: photogenic) backdrops. So I did! I managed to tick off one destination from my ultimate travel list, Moroccan, La Mamounia to be exact. But more about this on a later post, where I will show you more of what Pinterest dreams are made of. 
I have by accident become a swimsuit person. Somewhere in between me giving up on tanning goals inspired by J.LO and discovering resorts where you are supposed to spend literally 24h a day by the pool (Ibiza), I discovered the importance of luxury swimsuits. In all honesty, these have nothing to do with practicality, nor are they really meant for swimming. They are simply meant to look damn good. These wonder pieces works for you like a corset, so you can order the fish tacos as a side to your Bloody Mary lunch. Last years enlightenment moment was brought to you (and me) by Agent Provocateur, remember Marnee? That piece continues to have a 100% success rate, I’ll let your imagination explain what I really mean with that. This years version turns up the heat with a promiscuous cut-out, meet Remmi. Now I can hear eyes rolling, however, am I not correct to point out that this piece covers way more than your bikini does? That’s right…
Now part two of borderline appropriate pool-wear is brought to you by Victoria’s Secret. I’ve had my up’s and down’s with mesh, a material that can so easily go horribly wrong. However,  I’m channeling more of a 90’s surf girl stranded on a yacht than a teenager on a Hot Topic shopping spree. Accessorise only with free flying hair in a constant, damp combover and avoid extensive sun exposure unless you are prepared for questionable tan lines. Unfortunately this one will not hold you in like the mistress swimsuit discussed above, but it will give you the best, barbie like arms. Now that’s important too, as it is indeed February and most are embracing the #winterbod.

So while we continue to push through another depressingly dark month, there is nothing that will get you through like full denial and a look at something so irrelevant as my favourite swimsuits of 2015, you’ve served me well. I’m both eager and slightly terrified to see what the new year will bring me in terms of swimsuit preferences. But hey, bring it.