Embracing -28°C

A lot has gone into the first week of February and now it’s almost time to start packing for fashion week (jokes, I panic pack only when I get the message ‘Sandra, Your Uber is arriving now). But in my head I’m a great packer, in fact I am packing now, 90% of the time I constantly pack. Unpacking is still something I’ve never really done, my life is mostly shifting things around from suitcase to suitcase, however you are just as bad right? I dream of one day becoming an unpacker, serious organisation goals.
ANYWAY, let’s talk about the shoes I’ve bought lately! Burberry’s patchwork boots were not the first pair I’d thought that I’ll be splurging on. However, then came the sales, the further markdowns and the intervention between me any myself about how much black I wear and how nice it would be to have a colourful overknee boot, you know to wear with all black? One click later I ordered a pair that really should have made it into last years ‘shoe of the month’. But, I’ll get a lot joy out of you boots, I hear NYC in covered in snow so my (alarmingly and rapidly growing) SS16 shoe collection will have to stay boxed for a few more weeks.
So, sale buys, winter favourites and my cosiest coats it is for my NYFW wardrobe, most likely worn all at once, if I understood the weather forecast correctly. These are the times I thank my Finnish roots, nothing prepares you for a (not so) dramatic +3°C better than experiencing -28°C.

Pictures by Jere Hietala