Shoe of the Month: Aquazzura ‘Wild Thing’ Sandals

We need to talk about the skinny party shoe that you surely haven't missed if you are a heel-lover like me.

We need to talk about the shoe that you surely haven't missed if you are a heel-lover like me. The red version of the Aquazurra ‘Wild Thing’ sandals basically flooded Instagram last summer and apparently, we are still not over the pair. There is no end in sight for the fame of the best fringe sandals on the market as they are now part of the current collection. A lower 85mm version has recently been introduced and a block heel for a more practical use (something I know nothing about).

The white version moved into my closed a few months ago, these and a black pair exclusively to FWRD are actually the only version that comes in leather, all the million other version listed above are made in suede. The flirty, super high sandals easily fall in the ‘goes with your whole wardrobe’ category as they are the ideal skinny sandals - without boring you to tears. So no need to repeat myself how well these go with everything from jeans and culottes to all of your skirt lengths, you are good as long as you don’t fully cover the precious sandals. I can’t claim these to be the most comfortable pair of mine, so make sure you don’t suffer without the waves of Uuhs and Oohs that these gather. A truly a joy packed, fun pair, but that is what Mr. Edgardo does best.

I had the privilege of meeting the man himself at Harrods a few months back and did not hesitate on the chance of having him sign my new shoes! I’ll have a phenomenal shoe designer sign my soles over rockstars signing my chest any day of the week. Call me boring but this is my catnip.


Comfort: 3.5/5

Not the coziest shoe on the market, but that’s a bit of a given. The heels stay well on, despite being mostly skinny ties with a stiletto heel. There is not much support not any signs of a platform, so you’ll feel it first in the cushions of your feet. 
Quality: 4.5/5 
The shoes are beautifully made, with a over all smooth beautiful leather finish. The tassels look expensive - details like this is a obvious giveaway for the quality, which in this case is super. The only minus is that the straps that wrap your heel is very unsupportive so they tend to ‘hang’ a bit in the sides.
Purchase price: Gifted in April 2016, however these retail for £490 from the Aquazzura store in London.

All the styles are priced the same at£490. Matchesfashion and Farfetch has a good selection at the moment, for US based readers I recommend checking Barneys as the also carry some exclusive colours.
Sizing: Runs true to size.
I bought these in a 37, my usual size. If you are in between sizes, I recommend going down half a size as these can’t sit loose on your foot.


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