Kitten heel confessions

I have a confession to make. I’m a secret fan of kitten heels. Although a devoted stiletto lover, from time to time I enjoy pulling on a block heel, which turns out to be the gateway drug to god damn kitten heels. There is something intriguing about the awkward, noticeably 90’s kitten heel that just looks unexplainably chic to me. Maybe it’s the urge to keep trying something new or the excitement of liking something I shouldn’t . So instead of easing into it, I wanted to get straight to the point and discuss.
This heel height that surely causes chills in some of you, has to be addressed, styled and done properly. So I sourced what I think is the best kitten heel on the market, the Valentino Rockstud, but this time in a lower version. Found on what I perviously claimed to be one of the best platforms for Rockstuds, Farfetch. Since writing this shoe of the month post on the stud covered classic, two more 110mm pair has lined up on my shoe shelf (we’ll save that for another confession session…) So it was time to take a plunge into the world of the 65mm.
To allow myself to buy such a classic, but overexposed shoe after all these years, I wanted to make sure they’ll get some rotation in my closet, so I followed my own few thumb rules. 1. Can you think of 3 ways of wear them? 2. Will it upgrade your wardrobe? and most importantly, 3. Do you want to wear them right this second? Yes, yes and yes I thought, which ultimately brings us down to ‘it’s all about how you style them’. The lower heel makes this ideal for daytime, but to bring this to 2016, I suggest loose denim, a oversized silhouette and crispy cotton. As for night time, with the risk of looking too predictable, I skipped the LBD and introduced this fantastic dress, that seems to fill most of the SS16 tick-list. Structured cotton, ruffles, gingham, and an asymmetric cut. Classic meets contemporary, attractive and cute, unexpected, but a combination that I most likely could re-wear for years to come. A little tap on my shoulder and an attempt to keep the Rockstuds in season for yet another year.
In collaboration with Farfetch
Photos by Mikko Puttonen