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There might not be a reoccurring #5inchanduptravels hashtag trending on Instagram, but that has not stopped me from spamming your feed with scenery changes and the not-so-surprising airplane images (sorry but they really match my feed!). Although recklessly answering NO to the polite ‘Been anywhere nice recently’ questions, I keep forgetting that I have indeed been to a lot of nice places this Summer. Am I starting to rule out European destinations of my ‘serious travels?’ Maybe. Or maybe I just need a little wake up call.

As you get familiar with the brand new 5 inch and up, travel will become a more frequent feature. But until then, a little Insta recap of the cities visited over the Summer months. An attempt to become interested in football in Paris resulted in me enjoying our hotels and the lobby bar way more (shocker). A charmingly tipsy trip though Champagne, a lot of back and forts to London, a 24h stop in Stockholm and a wonderful Tuscany trip with Ferrari. A few days in Denmark, Finland from Helsinki to Porvoo and a road trip though the numerous cities and villages that include too many ä’s and ö’s for you to remember them.

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A special Thank You to the Renaissance Paris Arc de Triomphe Hotel