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On the quest for a lightly covered, dewy, glowing skin. A look into what I am wearing on my skin this Summer.
It’s been a while since we took a look at my current beauty favourites, so instead of the monthly beauty review, I have moved into a seasonal routine. Not only does this work better for me who likes to see myself as a minimalist in the makeup department, but it also gives me a chance to try and test the products properly before recommending them to you.
Let’s start with the base, I’ve been using The Diorskin Everwear primer mainly for the inbuilt SPF 20 (something I have a high respect for nowadays) but also because it really keeps the foundation in place. It’s does not have a illuminating effect to it, which is something I love about the Tom Ford primer that I’ve recommended previously. It really depends what you want from your foundation. In the summer months I am looking for longevity and skin that does not need much correction or top up during the day. So, I find the Dior Forever foundation to be perfect. With a pore refining effect and a inbuilt SPF, this foundation is a bit on the ‘heavy side’ so you will not need a thick layer. On some days when I want a even more of a natural finish, I blend a bit of the primer into the foundation before applying. I’ve always preferred the use of a well covering foundation on my skin as it does not wear off during the day.
From the many pricey brushed I’ve tried, L’oreal’s new sculpting brush, is my favourite. Ideal for travel with the double brushes, but also amazing quality for it’s price. Same goes for the L’oreal Infallible sculpt contouring palette. It’s one of the best contouring duets I’ve tried, very easy to use and a perfectly balanced creamy texture without being too sticky. I’ve found the highlighter creases a bit, especially if worn under the eye area, So I recommend only using it as a highlighter, not a concealer. Also vital to not choose a colour too dark for your skin, or you might find it hard to use, mine is 03 Medium Dark. 
A surprising newcomer has been the Estée Lauder Perfectionist serum concealer, that comes with both a cream and a stick concealer. While the cream gives a lot of coverage (you only need a very small amount) the stick end works wonders on dark eye circles and has been my trusted touch up tool on the go.
As for the finish, I became familiar with Bobbi Brown's Shimmer brick compact highlighter in a pervious post and I still keep going back to it. It will last you forever and gives the perfect glow without the glitter. I finish the contouring with a few swipes of the Givenchy glow bronzers, these two products have a very similar finish and is the best way to ‘seal’ the skin after contouring. A loose powder has usually been a bit scary to me because of how thick and matte they tend to look, however the Givenchy’s loose powder has a beautiful sheerness to it, but you will not need much.
My eye routine has not changed that much, I still love the Tom Ford Extreme Mascara and Mac eyeshadows that has a slight red tint to them. For the days that I want a bit more dept to my eyes, I use Givenchy Kohl Couture or the Tom Ford high definition eyeliner for both the inner and outer lash line. As for the best eyebrow products, I still favour Mac over the many tested alternatives. I usually buy the pens in two different shades, one to fill in and other to give shape.
What else? Tom Ford has been a favourite for lip products this summer, I absolutely adore the the branding and names of the TF lips collections. The name is already convincing! For a cute, or in my opinion perfect balance of nude and pink, ‘First Time’ does the trick. On top of all this, there is a few additional beauty products that I have been favouring lately. Red nails continues it’s ongoing success in my book, Tom Ford’s Nail Lacquer in Scarlet Chinois has the prefect flirty red for the warmer months. A current favourite, without leaning too much towards orange, it nails (all puns intended) the ideal summer red lacquer. In the perfume section I am all over Byredo’s new unisex scent - Super Cedar. Light, but not too sweet, summery but not floral, you simply have to try it!


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