Kicked by an Angel

In a New York minute. I looked up that song for a cliché lyric reference, just to discover that the song might as well have been written about fashion week. In a New York minute, things can get little strange. In a New York minute, Everything can change. Or more like everyone can change (outfits). I sadly experienced a very little of this, as the FWF (Fashion Week Flu) took over on about day two. Weak, however getting to start from the bottom (of my bed) gave me a much desired mini vaycay that most of my fellow fashion weekers can only dream of, so things could be worse. 

So to get me back on my feet heels it required some serious footgear. Introducing my highest heels so far, a whopping 6 inches by no other than the most desirable brand right now, Gucci. Stripperish one might claim, but then again let me point out the ruffle button-up, baby blue shirt, that might just be the right opposite of the six inch platforms. Problem solved. 

H&M shirt | Vetements jeans | Gucci belt | Gucci shoes | Saint Laurent bangle | Monica Vinader ring | Maria Tash earrings


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