Shoe Of The Month: Stella McCartney ‘Elyse’ Platforms

Stella McCartney Elyse faux leather platforms

It’s the last day of September, which means it’s time to praise the monthly favourite in the shoe department. The old me is dead and turning in the grave as high heels take a back seat for this one, but it’s fall, which call for brave risks on the mental side and waterproof autumn shoes on the practical side. 

The chunky platform is nowadays a Stella signature. What was introduced on the catwalk for AW2014 has now grown to become the brands bestseller and is as we speak available in a mind-blowing 31 colour versions of Stella’s site (the selection continues on other sites). Call them platforms, flatforms, wooden oxfords, faux leather wedge brogue-snekers, or all of the above. They may not be easily definable but is one of the most recognisable shoes in the industry. I discovered that search engines were fighting over if they were named ‘Elyse’ or ‘Britt’ when in fact both were correct, depending on the style. To avoid confusion (and potentially to maximise those search engine hits) All the 30+ styles now go under Elyse. So rest assured, nothing will be missed when you start finalising your shopping list.

So what makes the Stella platforms so desirable? They give you both height and comfort and manages to look casual, current but above all interesting. It’s a heel lovers flats. However, practicality has brought me here. Living in London, I have too many pairs of shoes that I simply can’t risk in the rain, hence I’ve learned to wear Stella’s every time the weather get’s moody (proof here). Nothing happens to faux, they will stay in shape, polished and looking new, the above pair has seen been two years of wear. Convinced you need a pair? Get on with you kid in a candy store moment and pick your favourite colour from below.

Comfort: 4.5/5
Heavy but very comfortable if you wear socks. They can really tear up your feet if you go bare so make sure to not find yourself sock-less before it’s too late. Bear in mind that these are faux leather and don’t breathe. There is a really embarrassing ‘walking sound’ that will remind you if you forgot your socks.

Quality: 4.5/5 
Stella is hands down the best in the business when it comes to creating a good faux leather shoe, these will hold its shape regardless of the climate. The white rubber is quite soft and sucks up dirt quite easy. I recommend cleaning these with baby wipes or a damp cloth after each wear.

Purchase price: £580 in the Stella McCartney store in London, fall 2014. The prices range from £575 - £700 depending on the styles.

Sizing: Runs true to size, or a little on the big side. You will need to find your exact size as these are heavy and somewhat clumsy if you go too big, but unforgiving in terms of stretch if too small. Mine are a size 37, my usual size.


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