The Magic of Beginnings

It’s with excitement that I get to present to you the all new 5 inch and up! Welcome, browse right through, make yourself at home.

I feel like I am giving an Oscar speech writing this post. It’s one of these things where I feel I have too much to say to squeeze it into one post. By having such a loyal audience, you guys have made this possible for me, so it’s about time we bring this blog up to date. Optimised, revamped and refreshed.

So for the big launch, I’ve teamed up with jetset specialists Louis Vuitton to celebrate a new category that I will be covering from now on - Luxury Travel. That means everything from the best travel equipment (Basically just presenting my ever growing monogrammed wardrobe) to the most unique hotel and accommodation experiences. This has been a frequent feature on my Instagram, I say bring it to the blog as well!



Being a loyal Londoner (I think regularly Instagramming red busses and phone booths is the requirement) for 8 years has made me love my home country Finland even more. These two are like night and day that I appreciate equally much but for totally different reasons. There is a eery calmness that sets every time I arrive in Helsinki that then perfectly transfers me into a ass-kicking, goal-digging, business-making city woman, upon returning to London. Maybe that’s my secret.

So flying between these two will continue, until the Eurostar becomes Nordicstar.

So give me a moment while I recover from my #blessedlife mode and cue tip the corner of my eyes, so we can get down to some of the practical things. Apart from the Style and Shoe posts that I will frequently bombard you with, I’ll also be covering Travel and Beauty, as well as the best bits from Fashion Week. I might as well have a few aces up my sleeve… smirk emoji.

You’ll find the categories in the top banner, as well as a weekly (or daily, I still suffer from a severe shopping addiction) updated Boutique full of things that I urgently feel I am lacking from my life. I am sure this will only fuel the addiction, but at least now you’ll suffer with me. You are welcome.


My latest Instagram post can be found (read: can not be missed) on the bottom of the page.

One of the favourite things about you is how amazingly active you’ve always been in the comment field, so keep them coming! Comments, questions and your honest feedback (I’m no easy offender) are as welcome as always, I’ll be answering and replying to you there directly.

This is the start of something amazing, I hope I’ll have you along for the ride.

Let’s trust the magic of beginnings, let’s go!

A special Thank You to Louis Vuitton and St. Pancras Renaissance London Hotel
Photos by Mikko Puttonen

    • Sandra Hagelstam

      Thank you so much! xxx

  • Looks great Sandra! Xxx

    • Sandra Hagelstam

      Thank you so much darling 🙂 xxx

  • Natali

    Well, I’m very impressed by this new design, it’s a whole new ball game and I think that your great content finally got the right “frame”!

    • Sandra Hagelstam

      So great to hear! Thank you!

  • Wow congratulations! Your images are just stunning. I always know there is beauty waiting for me in each of your posts.


    • Sandra Hagelstam

      Aww, that means so much – Thank you!! Super inspired at the moment !

  • Congrats on the new beginning !!! Always important to get everything refreshed and vital again. That is just the beauty of life <3

    x Gitta //

    • Sandra Hagelstam

      Could not agree more!! Thank you sweetie!

  • Your new website is AMAZING and congratulations on this amazing achievement – I’m most excited about your luxury travel section, that is one of the coolest sections and is so unique!

    So excited to see all your new content!


    • Sandra Hagelstam

      Yay! thanks! I will try my best to do well 😉

  • vivalablonda

    You are always such an amazing inspiration, you are the best one for me. the writing, the photos, the approach, everything is perfect! Thank you for continuing being you.

    • Sandra Hagelstam

      Thank you a million times for these encouraging words! Really keeps me going at puts so much meaning in the work! xxx

  • Charlie May

    Incredible Sandra!

    • Sandra Hagelstam

      Thank you Charlie!! So happy to hear you like 😀 xxx

  • Amazing!!! 🙂
    I looove these pictures a lot – they are absolutely stunning

  • Peppermint Dolly

    Amazing post, adore the new look and love these photos!!


  • Beautiful pictures! Congratulations and I look forward to all your future posts!

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    Looking Amazing!!!

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    Beautiful pictures!!

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  • super exciting, and so chic. Congrats on the new design

    Mel x

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