The new look of Lumene

Don’t be someone else’s idea of beautiful.

It’s with patriotic pride that I get to introduce the strong new look of our most successful Finnish beauty brand Lumene. The big makeover that’s been in the works for a while, has been strongly illustrated in social media lately. Avid followers might have spotted that I’ve been appointed the role of Lumene’s Digital Ambassador and I am excited to be working with them for the longer term. 

The renewed product range has been divided into three core collections: Valo (light), Lähde (source) and Sisu (urban antidotes) and are made of pure arctic ingredients and antioxidant packed berries like cloudberries, lingonberries and birch sap to name a few. These ingredients have grown in the wilderness of Finland, a country that has been ranked as one of the purest in the world. It was not until I moved to London that I realised how much the pure water and fresh berries make a positive impact on my life. How Lumene managed to capture all of this in their products is beyond me.

Throughout the summer and early fall, I’ve spent a lot of time in Finland and grown especially close with the Lähde range (the Hydration Recovery mask has been my saviour!), but what is shaping up to be the real hero of the new launch, the ‘Invisible Illumination’ range. The capsule collection of water based formulas gives a new meaning to luminous skin, as the serums hydrate and brighten your skin with every use. These glow boosters, that fall in between the category of skincare and make up, have replaced my whole skin routine as they adapt perfectly to one’s skin tone. I guarantee it’s the most natural finish you'll ever experience. 

I’m naturally a bit biased as I’ve grown up using Lumene, much like most Finnish girls. However, I’ve rightfully become critical of the beauty industry and the constant offer of bigger and better products. I am so proud to see Lumene rise above the trend of contouring, covering and masking, challenging us to enhance our natural beauty rather than covering it. Being authentic is what the new Lumene is all about, but having the courage to be truly authentic requires in my eyes the most courage out of everything. Slowly but surely we can ad a little bit of truthfulness into this image lead industry and to have a beauty brand leading this revolution is truly refreshing.

The new Lumene site has just gone live - besides the new products on the site, you’ll get to see a very different side of me, in my day off diary with memories from my Finnish summer.

Marimekko faux fur coat |  Club Monaco knit | H&M Studio blazer | Beauty by Lumene

In collaboration with Lumene
Photos by Mikko Puttonen