Nordic Noir – The Darkness Embraced

The first look at Lumene’s renewed eye make-up range and how to wear it now.

Finnish beauty giant Lumene for whom I act as the digital ambassador is finally unveiling their much anticipated new look of their wide make-up ranges. They are fronting the launch with Nordic Noir - a powerful eye make-up range that is part of Nordic Lux, the new premium line by Lumene. The Nordic Noir collection packs everything from scrumptious eye palettes to the best mascara that I’ve tried to date, draws its inspiration from the unique light that can only be experienced here in the North. As a contrast to the endless summer days, we have a harsh winter with long dark nights, which has been embraced throughout this collection.

Effortless, wearable, with an emphasis on dark tones, Nordic Noir is apart from Lumene’s new range, a word combination that also illustrates my style throughout the years. As an addition to the eye make-up collection, the premium Lux line also carries Nordic Nude for all things skin and Nordic Seduction for the lip colours, glosses and liners. The collections are now in stores across Finland and will be fuelled with new editions through the spring, as well as hit the Scandinavian market shortly.

Next onto the looks. To celebrate the eyes and all things the Noir collection can do, I’ve created three looks that have become somewhat of a signature to me. I love the smokey eye (who does not?) and live for a winged flick, but how to wear them in 2017? I rely on simplicity, warm tones and matt lids. Shaped, tried and tested, repeat after me.



The bare flick - line the naked eye

Sounds a bit more adventurous than what it really is, but this is a ‘less is more’ look. Say hello to the most modern way to wear the winged eyeliner, it’s dead easy to master and done in just a few short seconds. Start with preparing the eye, dapping a bit of concealer on the whole lid area and seal with a few strokes of powder. Apply the liner only from the middle of your lash line outwards and create the desired flick. The marker has a felt tip so it’s easy to use plus no need of a clean up afterwards. The secret of this look is to skip the mascara. I know it’s a scary thought but leaving the lashes bare is what really takes this look into 2017. Try it! And simply add a very light layer of black mascara if you feel too naked.

The burgundy smokey eye for softer daytime wear

Layering a warm selection of maroons, browns and bronze shades, the day version of a smokey eye has become one of my signature looks. Easy to alter from light to a more intense evening version, simply add colour to create the desired look. At the moment I’m really into lining both the inner and outer lash line with black kohl, which works wonders in this look, intensifying it to the max and bringing out the colour of my eyes. We used the Nordic Noir eye palette in ‘Rose Gold’ and opted for using only the two dark maroon tones from the selection. The aim was to create a look that intensifies towards the eye, blending out the monotonic colour rather than layering it with different hues. The look was finalised with two layers of the Nordic Noir Deep Impact mascara, which turned out to be the real hero of the looks today. Said it and will say it again - The best mascara that I’ve tried to date. 

The intense and powerful, black matte smokey eye

This is what I would like to call a strong 2.0 of the smokey eye. Matte black that goes beyond the moving lid, blended out towards the brow-line. This look was built on the previous burgundy eye, which gave it a warmer base, but apart from that, this is a one shade wonder. It was created using the black from the ‘Smokey’ Nordic Noir eye palette, which is a matte, well pigmented colour. The secret really is in the blending, creating that look that intensifies towards the eye. This is a look that works especially well when it creates a contrast with a woman's blond hair - if you are dark haired, simply soften the look with wearing something white.

For this smokey eye, you’ll only need four products. A burgundy eyeshadow for the base layered with a matte black colour, a black eye pencil and the mascara - you can’t go wrong. Line the inner and outer corner of the eyes, layer on the black colour using a bigger blending brush, build it toward the brow adding more colour as you go along. Do a clean up using your foundation, add mascara and a bit of colour under the lower lash line. As a bonus (and admittedly a fifth product) dab a little highlighter in the inner corner of the eye as a finishing touch.

In collaboration with Lumene        |        Photos by Mikko Puttonen        |        Make up by Lynda Darragh