Shoe of the month: Gianvito Rossi ‘Gianvito 105’ Leather Pumps

Gianvito Rossi ‘Gianvito 105’ Pumps in black leather

New year - new me shoes! It’s time to face this years first shoe of the month, and I am happy to kick it off with a classic Gianvito Rossi pair. Italian Gianvito Rossi (son of famed, shoe designer Segio Rossi) tends to be a name that naturally rolls of my tongue every time people ask me about my favourite shoemakers. My love digs deep but has a very straightforward reason - they tend to be so damn comfortable. Gianvito has been making gorgeous, wearable shoes since 2006. While I am one hand a Louboutin lover that own a whole lot of  shoes so painful that you’ll need a wheelchair to go with them, the liberty and beauty of running your dusk to dawn duties in a high heel shoes. This gives me a tremendous amount of satisfaction and fuels my girl boss attitude so heavily that I would claim it to be part of the building blocks of 5 inch and up.  

This January I welcomed my sixth pair of Gianvitos, kind of going back to basics although my previous pairs are all from the same black pointy pump family. I’ve grown to buy Gianvitos with confident and had my eye on this pair for a while, together with the notorious leather-tipped PVC stilettos. But so came January, and a urging thirst for a new, classic ‘goes with everything’ pair of pumps. May the warmer weather bring me many happy, comfortable memories with this pair.

Comfort: 4.5/5
I know I’ve gone on and on about the comfort of Gianvito’s, however  this pair does need to be worn in a bit before they become your 9-5 shoes. The sturdy leather and narrow toe combination might pinch your feet through the first few times of wear, but have faith.

Quality: 5/5 
These shoes are pure sartorial porn. Beautiful to look at, dainty to touch and hold. A sleek leather finish and sturdy heel, though I do admit the heel looks a bit lower than promised (I admitably took to the measuring tape to check that I was sent the right hight)

Purchase price: £445 at Net-a-Porter, January 2017. Prices vary form £445 - £5100 (for a delicious crocodile version) The ‘Gianvito’ pumps comes in a variety of colours and finishes, the high heel is available at in leather, suede, patent, fabric and exotic leathers, I just counted 18 version on Gianvito’s site. The next style down is the 100mm and 85mm, which you’ll find in a equally wide selection. Shop the styles below.

Sizing: Like stated above, this is a really narrow model that needs to mould to your feet. If you have to, go up half a size rather than down as the leather is really stiff as new.


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