A Love Letter



Sweet old Valentine’s Day in quickly approaching. I call myself a minimalist in many aspects of my life, but fall nothing short from a maximalist when it comes to the special day. The love and undivided attention, I’ve lived through too many Valentine’s Days alone in a hotel room (Feb. 14th always clashed with NYFW - how romantic) to lie that I would not what everything that the day is associated with. You give what you get, I reward myself thinking. After all, so much joy goes into the act of giving.

For the special day, and to celebrate the seven year anniversary of 5 inch and up, I’ve teamed up with master of shoes - Roger Vivier, to spread a little extra love through a love letter. Like all Roger Vivier accessories, the heart heavy ‘Love Tattoo’ collection tells a story, this one maybe a little more literal than normal, but for the time being, no extra love of act of kindness should go unnoticed.




Roger Vivier’s wings of love accessories that comes in the form of bags, accessories and shoes, is an upbeat update to the classic collections that the French fashion house has been making since 1937. Just like the designer that has been making crystal encrusted shoes for decades and counts The Queen as one of his loyal customers - this collection is for the woman who has it all. Simply because they come with a meaning and in language everyone understands.




So say it like you mean it this year. Turn your emojis into a word, a sentence, a love letter. Finish it off with an object of desire and let it turn into a memory, what would be better than being able to wear half of your love letter. This, fellow dreamers, is for you.




“Wearing your dreams on your feet is a first step in turning your dreams into reality.”

- Roger Vivier, inventor of the stiletto.

Photos by Mikko Puttonen
In collaboration with Roger Vivier