Another year of loving you, Scandinavian Fashion

Online destination for all things Scandi fashion (well, it carries a world of other international brands too, but I use it as my personal Scandinavian fashion curator) Zalando is pushing the offerings this season. So as I jumped on the opportunity to show you how I wear my favourite Nordic brands right now, I’ve put together a little guide on…


WTF is Scandi Style - because everyone talks about it all the time - but what does it really mean?


  • It’s realising that blazers and suited separates are your wardrobe stables. The French have their breton striped tops and red lips; we have blazers in 16 different shades of grey. (See next point)
  • It’s eliminating colour like you are allergic to it. Shades of grey are your best friend, and yes denim is a colour. Solution: Wear one colour at the time, if even.
  • It’s wearing your boyfriends clothes, but not really. This only works if he is about two sizes bigger than you and that would mean my BF wears a women’s Medium. So just buy the occasional t-shirt and/or knit in a bigger size. No man needed.


Selected Femme coat | Samsøe & Samsøe knit | Selected Femme trousers 

By Malene Birger coat | Selected Femme shirt | Cheap Monday jeans

  • It’s knowing your designers. No one is asking you to define whether you are a ‘Filippa K or Gant girl’, but it certainly helps when you know what way to direct your salary. Solution: Start researching what sizes work for you with your favourite designers and who’s good at what. That way you can get excited when By Malene Birger issues a suit that will upgrade your life, or Gant comes out with a new colour of your favourite shirt. 
  • It’s to never stop looking for the next white shirt, because you can never have too many and they always look the best when new. Wear them with denim, leather minis, even track pants. And as a reminder… Always take them to the cleaners to have them immaculately pressed.



  • It’s ‘removing one accessory before you walk out the door’, but think more Elin Kling than Coco Chanel. This is obviously a very loose term, and I have no control of your other accessories that you are still wearing. Solution: Accessorise with tiny jewellery, it’s all in the detail.
  • It’s obeying a strict dressing code, but only partially. Think wearing a perfectly tailored blazer with loose jeans in a dirty dumpster wash. Or spending 45 min perfecting your nude lip, but zero minutes on your hair. 




Above: By Malene Birger blazer | Pilgrim earrings
Below: Wood Wood sweater | Selected Femme trousers

  • It’s referencing sport in your dressing, regardless if you are working out or not. Pair sporty pieces to tailored and keep it to one sporty item at the time.
  • It’s leaving the experimenting to someone else. Because a true Scandi dresser hardly looks back thinking  'was I really wearing this?' But, ah, I wish I’d bought that jumper in more colours. 
  • It's knowing who your friends are. I relying on high necks, skinny jeans and pointy pumps. Suited separates, blazers and trench coats. And just like in life, dedicate your time to the friends that hold you together, work in your favour and lift your mood.

In collaboration with Zalando   |    Photos by Mikko Puttonen


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