Saint Laurent Opyum (also known as Opium) black 110 pumps 

Meet another (currently the most) iconic shoe of the month. The return of Yves in its dramatic glory that can’t be mistaken for anything else than Saint Laurent. Vampy yet classic - following last month’s obsession, it has become evident that this summer is high season to revisit 90’s logo mania. To match its mysterious appearance, this shoe has been equally mysterious to hunt down. The social world went into frenzy when the iconic YSL logo made its way back to our hearts last September. However, the shoe that I thought would have achieved a cult status by now, has never made it to the shop floor. Numerous waiting lists and wishlist notifications later, the mystery shoe started to dipp in and out with our favourite online retailers so rapidly that I wonder if the shoes ever made it into the sites (going directly from ‘coming soon’ to ‘sold out’ has me wondering…). Good news is that the shoe has been re-listed and a few last sizes are currently scattered around the web (shop these below) after the first round launched in February. Rumour has it that the model has gone through everything from serious production difficulties to construction problems, but it’s hard to judge the effort of turning a 1961 logo into something that is supposed to support a full bodyweight.

Comfort: 2/5
Nope. While this shoe scores on the design and aesthetic side, the logo heel is not exactly ergonomic. Can’t say that I am surprised, but even more a high heel veteran, the stability of this shoe is barely there.

Quality: 4/5 
These shoes will be mostly ‘display only’ in my case, because of how delicate they are, however looking at these brand new pumps, they really are a piece of art. Stunningly creative design on a classic pump, in a way only Saint Laurent knows how. The lost point is for the instability.

Purchase price: £770 in Saint Laurent, Selfridges, March 2017. 
This shoe only comes in the featured style and is like mentioned, not the easiest shoe to hunt down. However, they are currently re-listed on the Saint Laurent home page, as well as available in a few sizes with a few retailers. Shop them now below or regret it forever, these will go down in history.

Sizing: Saint Laurent pumps tend to run slightly on the bigger side, but these run a whole size big. The different batches are said to have slight inconsistency in the sizing, but if you buy these shoes now, go down a size.

Conclusion: This shoe is not really a shoe, but it’s one hell of a trophy for the shoe closet. You should only buy these is if you have a serious shoe problem.


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Photos by Mikko Puttonen

  • Kay Nguyen

    those shoes are just too cute! One more thing on my wishlist <3

  • Natali

    Superb pair of shoes on an incredibly gorgeous woman!

  • The shoes are so gorgeous. I wish I don’t suck so much at walking in heels. Lol.

    Underayted Ray

  • Louis Dupond

    This is not a shoe … it’s a piece of art … it’s a masterpiece … wow wow wow 😉

  • I feel like this is a collectors item – one of those things you have that you just admire forever!


  • Those shoes are so gorgeous, I love the heel detail!

  • Melanie Atallah

    This blog post is very captivating from the words to the pictures!

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  • Joli Closet

    Obsessed with these shoes

  • Great Informative blog !

  • Those shoes are almost too great to be worn!

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  • Trịnh Thanh

    I really love the angle that you took with this post

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    In love with pictures

  • Rinkal Patel

    this was an amazing article am lucky to see this kind of article keep on sharing such kind of usefull stuff

  • Pari Touma

    Thank you for your post.
    To everyone who has these heels.
    I’m gonna order these shoes online. Just wondering about the size. Which size do you wear on tributes by Ysl or Louboutin? And did you really go one size down with these heels? Would appreciate an answer