Balenciaga ‘Knife’ floral printed spandex boots

Shoe of the month; Spandex by Balenciaga from the SS17 collection. Floral printed ankle boots in this case, although all the pointy sock boots in the Balenciaga family is equally deserving of this monthly praise. I have not felt the crave of ‘needing them in every colour’ in years, so although it’s currently sucking me dry financially, I’m feeling very fulfilled with greed. Call it material happiness if you wish.

So what makes these spandex boots that’s been spotted everywhere from fashion week to the red carpet of the Met Gala, just so damn good? The concept of the sock boots is not exactly the most innovative, sure - fun and flattering, but also one of those styles that pops up quite often. But I’ll tell you what they got so right; That awesome overly extended, pointy toe. Draped in unexpected spandex and the 80’s disco references are back in the most desirable way, and so Balenciaga continues to make shoes that we simply can’t live without. Just don’t match these with a scrunchie.


The spandex boots dubbed ‘Knife’ comes in a variety of colours, lengths and styles; with the floral alone currently out in 3 different prints! The spandex has been updated to a variety of less shiny jersey as well as velvet for the pre-fall collection that has just started to hit stores. The style also comes in a sexy court shoe, as well as a new kitten heel mule. Although the shiny pink boots has been on the desired list all year, I’ve recently added the black jersey otk boots for my perfect, upcoming fall wardrobe. So florals for spring, black otk boots for fall, how very mature and well thought of me (back pat). Although there is no guarantee of my shopping behaviour when the family of spandex boots will hit the sale shortly.

Comfort: 4/5

The boots fit snug and feel good on the feet, however the spandex is quite stretchy so the boots lack a little bit of support. Great for an occasion, or night out, but not the type of boots I would have the patience to spend 24h in.

Quality: 4/5 

Spandex fit for a shoe is no given, so for the tight sock that is practically spanx for your legs I’ll say A for effort, however to get the stitched fabric to stick to a leather sole is another story and unfortunately the pointy toe is the first one to take the hit.

Purchase price: £645 at, March 2017. 

You’ll find the boots in everything from pants (yes, PANTASHOES!) to courts, in disco colours that make the 80’s seen like a warmup. Shop my favourite selection below.

Sizing: The boots run true to size, and I recommend you try to stick to that as you want the sock to also fit perfectly around your ankle - it’s this well fitted part that makes the shoes look so good.

Conclusion: This is a shoe that you are wise to invest in. Have fun choosing colour, length and finish to best match your persona. There is not a single shoe is the Balenciaga spandex range that I would turn away so keep an eye on that ‘soon-to-hit’ sale…


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