Postcards from Positano

A taste of an endless summer and beauty talk on the iconic coast of Amalfi

I count myself extremely lucky to have had the privilege to travel the world. To eat ice cream while test diving a Ferrari in Tuscany or hike the highest mountaintops for the best views of Bavarian fairy tail castles (when hash tagging Blessed does not cut it anymore), but then there was Positano. One might think that I am just gushing over my recent destinations, but what I am really trying to say is that I’ve found my favourite place. My happy place, if you wish. The destination that I am eagerly shouting out, claiming as ‘the best place’ I’ve ever visited, after all it’s a question that keeps coming up rather frequently. 

My trip to Positano was made possible by Tom Ford Beauty, as I joined a worldwide gathering (sounds massive, and so it was - a influencer hotel takeover) in Ill San Pietro. Aka. Mr. Ford’s favourite holiday hotel, in celebration of the newest member of the Positano fragrance family that was Sole Di Positano. 

In between the Limoncello tasting and lemon pasta cooking classes we also shot a holiday feature for Harrods (might have been the other way around), that you can read here. Oh and there was a dinner where the whole menu was inspired by the scents of the Amalfi collection, talk about a way to tick off all senses on this trip.

But what made me fall in love with Positano on a brief press trip like this? My best guesses are: The obsessions for lemons took a very literal meaning as they where everywhere from food to perfume (has to be Instagram’s favourite fruit). Joyful speculations on how the water can be that turquoise as we realised where the TF bottles gets their colour. A scenery like nowhere else and my Instagram community agrees, leading to thoughts of becoming a landscape photographer. Last but not least, the hard to ignore Dolce Vita vibes in and over everything here - cat-eye sunnies and straw bags are all I’m interested in right now. Just give me some more lemons and I’ll be off again.



Our London crew; Vic Ceridono, Sarah Michaela, Camila Coutinoho, Nina Suess, Camila Carril


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