Shoe of the month: Balenciaga ‘Knife’ satin mules

Balenciaga ‘Knife’ pointed satin mules in emerald.

Introducing the shoe to get this month! Undecided on if I should actually call this news or not, since the previous monthly feature already introduced you to Balenciaga's ‘Knife’ collection. However, this satin mule that certainly is served in weird proportions, has stolen my heart in a way that it is somewhat the only shoe I want to currently wear. Why? Everything about this alien shoe (maybe also the reason why I wanted it in green) is nothing short from intriguing. A toe so pointy that if they were anything but satin, they would probably be illegal to fly in (the cue is in the name…). A heel short and curved (…worst combo in a lot of things) and a material so fragile that even exposing them to air might ruin them forever.

All of this has not managed to put me off - not to mention the overly long, mom-toe-kitten-heel combo, that surely ruined many of our childhoods.

Leaving the boots, booties and pumps from the ‘Knife’ collection to a category of it’s own (all about them here), these satin mules comes in black, beige, pink, turquoise and green so far and as god and you be my witness, may this be as low as we go in the heel height here on 5 inch and up! Insert popcorn emojis as I sit and wait for Balenciaga to drop more must-have shoes that I’ll most likely be the first one to shop. In the meantime, check out the newest, higher satin version here, that's been sitting in the cart for the last week.

Comfort: 3.5/5

While these are not uncomfortable they are a little bit weird to walk in, makes you kinda drag your feet around (is this what it feels to walk in flats…?)

Quality: 3.5/5 

Like any satin shoes, these are super sensitive so watch out for even the smallest drops of rain. The extended toe is also something that creases after the first wear and like all Balenciaga fabric, pointy toes, the tip is the first one to take a hit. I would say wear only in bed but I think it’s only fashion girls that get turned on by shoe like this so just.. wear with caution.

Purchase price: £455 at, June 2017. 

The mules comes in a variety of colours, but are quite sold out at the moment! My advice is that if you are going to invest, go for one of the bright colours. You’ll loose half of the effect with the black pair and if you are fair skinned, the beige will just give you never ending feet.


Runs true to size, possibly a little on the small side. However I think these are quite forgiving if you have to go up or down half a size. They are not exactly going to slip off with wear, like a pump would.


This is a stand out shoe that will catch a lot of attention, so if you are looking for the chicest seasonal slipper, but need a bit of a heel - this is a shoe for you. However get familiar with all the shoes that Balenciaga is currently selling as the selection of  ‘Knife’s’ is growing like a Mormon family.


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