Let the light in

A day under the Nordic sun

in collaboration with Lumene

It’s always an intriguing topic, a conversation starter that I never grow tired of - the unique, arctic light that we get to experience here in the north. After a long and dark winter, where we go days without seeing the sunrise at all, comes the much anticipated summer with its endless days and sunlit nights that are second to none. Believe me, after months of what I nicely call hibernation (it’s more like a zombie haze, really) the sun will grow on you like a healthy addiction that wakes up parts in you that you forgot you had.

At this point it will feel like winter lasted seven years, very much the opposite of what goes on in Game of Thrones. So it’s a big deal for us and we cherish every second from the soft morning glow to a warm, yellow sunset that drags out until the late hours. My youth is filled with memories that were fuelled by these endless summer days, not to mention how fun it was to walk home from a party in the middle of the night - in full sunshine.


Following the success of Lumene’s recent product launches, the unique light of our short, Finnish summers has inspired the radiance boosting skincare range, known as Valo. Valo, that rightfully means ‘light’, is not only built on the concept of enhancing skin’s radiance, but the unique light has given life to the key ingredient in the series: The cloudberries. Known as the ‘Scandinavian gold’, the berries Lumene uses are handpicked in Kiantama, Finland - it does not get more organic than this! The vitamin C rich cloudberries  are the secret ingredient running through the whole Valo series, so you will quite literally have the northern sunlight working with you from within.

The berries in Finland taste a million times better than the ones we get in the big cities like London and expect nothing less, the extended hours of sunshine are something you can taste throughout everything the forests provide. Being ranked as one of the purest countries in the world, the arctic spring water is another key ingredient that you’ll find in all Lumene’s series.

20 hour days

What makes the light here so special, is not only the burst of energy you get when it never really feels like bedtime, but the birth of life that the ‘everlasting sun’ provides. Think about it, what would you do if you gained all these extra hours? Start a business? Take on a new hobby? Lay for hours in the grass? For me it’s mostly the latter one. The uniquely long summer days are the reason why I return to Finland every year, connecting with nature and the calming country side, something that I’ve always cherished here on my blog. It’s the time where makeup becomes secondary and the skincare routine becomes a ritual. Where purity becomes the base for not only everything you eat, but also what you expose your skin to. The Valo series fits perfectly in with my current summer skin routine, with it being 94% naturally derived.

Also completing the Valo series - Beauty Drops and an Arctic Berry Cocktail Oil that I use when my skin needs a little bit of a hydration boost. After all, we might have sunlit nights and the best flavoured berries, but don’t mistake this for anything tropical. In real life, all these dresses would be worn with a knit cardigan.

Photos by Mikko Puttonen


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