Victorian vibes and lady-like sophistication; Why this years H&M designer collaboration is the best one so far.

Just when we thought we had our cosy fall wardrobe down pat (a few oversized hoodies, sock boots, reworked jeans and all), on comes H&M to surprise us with yet another award worthy collection that has me pushing my Vetements to the back of my closet. Dramatic florals and delicate Victorian influences are the signature of London-based, Turkish designer Erdem Moralıoğlu, who is H&M’s pick for this year’s guest designer. And just like that, I’m paying €72 to have my hair braided, I’m visualising how diamond bow earrings go with everything, and not even questioning if I should add floral socks to my already flower heavy suit :).

The yearly collection that has reached a cult like status is packed with gems that both looks and feels expensive, without actually being that. While the highest priced item (that being a lace maxi dress) retails for £229, the coat of dreams (above) can be yours for just £139.99. I say just because Erdem’s pieces are known for reaching up to £3k. What makes the hunt even more satisfying is that both the coat and the price-topper maxi is going to be an online exclusive.

The overall collection has grown up glamour written all over it, and has the longevity not to drop out of fashion as soon as the seasons shift. Simply restyle your floral blazer for as long as it lasts, because clearly florals aren't a seasonal thing anymore.

So what is it that you should be fighting for on the day of the drop? Shop: The dark floral printed jackets and coats as well as lace shirts that will basically pay themselves back by serving you for years to come. The men’s section also deserves a raid, as the knit section is broader (and frankly a little bit better) than the women’s. The floral prints reach everything from tights to tops so if there is something you have to skip, I suggest you leave the t-shirts and the jersey pieces hanging (although those hoodies will be somewhat of a dream to travel in…). The accessories come with a serious vintage flair that might need to be dressed down to avoid the costumey feel. IRL they will work wonderfully not overly stylised - whilst in photo the command is pretty much the opposite.

So prepare yourselves to go bananas at the drop, because the brilliance of Erdem is about to get the worldwide recognition he deserves. The positively unexpected call by H&M that will have us lining up 2nd of November, if not sooner.

ERDEM x H&M collection worn throughout.

Photos by Mikko Puttonen