Finding Harmony

Mindfulness applied to everything from your actions to your skincare ritual.

in collaboration with Lumene

Tempted to class this piece under ‘lifestyle’, as I’m about to take the unfiltered approach with you today. See, I often talk about how the calmness in Finland is what keeps me coming back, how the silence of country life fuels my endeavours in London. Truth is I would not be able to manage the city life unless I knew that my happy place, where I’m most calm, is always no further than a short plane ride away. What you don’t see on this blog is how many litres of chanterelles I’ve picked this fall (we are taking buckets and I’m not done until there is snow on the ground), how I’m always the first one to be face down ass up at the sight of a field, eager to discover blueberries, wild strawberries and whatnot (it’s like free candy). In the nature is where I’m at ease and I never underestimate the power of the crispy air, the overdose of oxygen and the peaceful stares of leafs flickering in the wind. It’s my type of meditation, it’s as ‘living in the moment’ as you get. Surrounded by nothing but space, with all senses working in your advantage.


But have you ever thought of applying mindful presence to your daily tasks? To be as with peace going through your beauty ritual as you are on your yoga mat? Lumene is here to change the game of skincare, launching a line named ‘Harmonia’ (Balance), that goes beyond the daily cleansing routine, challenging you to put more thought into how you start and end your day by rethinking your skincare routine as a wellbeing ritual.

The positive effects that nature has on you is well known, but often pushed aside as stress and “more important goings” takes priority. We exercise our bodies, but nowhere is training the mind more neglected as in our Western culture. It’s known that 15 minutes spent in nature will lower your heart rate, deepen your breathing, and help you restore inner balance. But don’t worry if you can’t fly to Finland every time the stress gets overwhelming, any connection with nature will have a positive effect on you, whether it is a walk in a local park or unwinding with a peat mask (a true hero from the new ‘Harmonia’ range).

Lumene’s ‘Harmonia’ range, that is inspired by an ancient Finnish cleansing routine, is built on Nordic ingredients of Chaga mushroom (that packs the highest ORAC score (Oxygen Radical Absorbent Capacity) for Antioxidants ever recorded in any natural food!), peat (our answer to clay) and arctic spring water. The harmonic approach follows Lumene’s key message of how less is more when it comes to caring for your skin, a promise that is the strongest to date, as the ‘Harmonia’ range qualifies for natural cosmetics (meaning it’s built on natural, organic ingredients and is 100% vegan). Saying that beauty is more than skin deep, gets literal when you combine your morning meditation, a relaxing breathing exercise (or whatever your thing is) with a cleansing, nurturing facial ritual.



The range currently carries seven products and has been divided into two key cleansing rituals. The simple but effective - silencing forrest ritual that is currently used by me daily, illustrated below.


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Amazing news from my UK readers, Lumene products are now available at Feel Unique! More on this soon, in the meanwhile check out the growing selection above.

Photos by Mikko Puttonen