Prada feather-trimmed satin sandals in fire engine red.

Can you hear those bells? Who knew my end of summer carnival shoes would double as the perfect wearable Christmas decor? Here we are introducing November's hero - just in time to realise that it’s too cold for an open toe shoe… Anyway, where there's a will there's a way; Indoor events, 100 denier tights, Uber’s… as long as there is no snow on the ground, me and my Prada’s are continuing to party together. 

It is thanks to this seasons street-style crowds that this shoe went from nice to need for me. If you’ve seen how those feathers in motion, you know what I mean. A fire engine red (that’s how Prada describes this colour), satin sandal decked in feathers was not the most obvious choice for fall collection footwear, but you know Italians. Furthermore, if you know Prada at all, you are not surprised either, just impressed. The Cha Cha sandal (not officially the name, but don’t you wish it was?) comes in three colours: Black, pink and red and if you are feeling extra Beyonce, check out this ultimate version. If you are more of Michelle, don’t worry, there is something for you too. The XL button is a signature red thread running through the collection, as if the feathers was not enough to tip you over.

Comfort: 2/5
The high-arch-open-toe combo is not ideal, but at least the satin details are forgiving and somewhat kind to your feet. The shoe is also a bit tricky to get on (you might need assistance holding back those feathers) but the shoe stays on beautifully.

Quality: 4.5/5 
The wow-factor and overall coolness is why this shoe is a must-have and it’s well carried through in the quality. Stunning feathers and perfectly balanced proportions makes this pair a collectors item.

Purchase price: £770 at Net-a-Porter, November 2017. The sandals come in three colours, as well as a jazzy heel version, or a plain pumps, sans feathers. Shop my picks below.

Sizing: Runs a little on the big side, like Prada usually does. Go half a size down if possible. As open sandals, they require a perfect fit.


Prada shoes
| Reserved coat | Erdem x H&M shirt

Conclusion: I’m stating the obvious when I say you know your risks when buying a shoe like this, safe to say it’s for experienced users only. Miraculously there is no other shoe on the market at the moment that would work so perfectly for both Summer and Christmas wear, so chances are you’ll be wearing this throughout 2018. So go ballsy (or don’t go at all) this party season and be the girl with great shoes. If this was not enough to persuade you, just know that they are the perfect party conversation piece when you run out of ways to complain about the weather.


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Pictures by Moeez Tali