When being 'spoilt with choice' became a disadvantage. 

In collaboration with CarréCouture

“With online shopping, you miss out on the store experience so firms should work on making the whole experience - browsing to opening the box -worthwhile.”

This is me quoting myself being quoted in a recent Evening Standard article about the online luxury retail experience. The piece made me realise that almost all of my shopping is done through the web nowadays, weather that is a semi unconscious drifting off while I should be working or a one-click-buy order on my phone in the back of an Uber. I find it a chore to drag myself to a store, where I have to fight the crowds just to realise that the item I was looking for is not stocked, sold out or my worst one so far: Available, but not able to be sold due to a weekly limit that the store decided on. Nightmare of a real 3rd world country citizen.

The competition is fierce, for the attention of online shoppers and our requirements even higher. Competitive prices and quick delivery just isn't enough anymore. I have a full cart in most online stores, unable to pull the trigger because I’m overwhelmed with choice, mixed with the feel of uncertainty and guilt.

I took a day off when the big seasonal sales started, which was enough of an alarm to go off in my head. It should not be this hard. So, when a new concept is bold enough to take a stab at the saturated online luxury market, I am listening. CarréCouture was launched to wheel things in for you, to remove the need of opening another new tab on your browser and to make sure no regret buys are being made, may that be sale season or not. I’ve teamed up with the French multibrand retailer in hopes of introducing you to a new way of shopping. A curated, less is more approach.

Think of it as your fashion art gallery. The store focuses on helping their clients manage their wardrobe, rather than just selling individual products. The help on hand is personalised with everything from curation that promises an easy to wear capsule wardrobe to not just only the unboxing at home, but with the ongoing styling advice, all included in the purchase price.

Talk about making the whole experience worthwhile.