Pleasantly surprised

Evening dresses that positively surprise you

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Are you in a holiday (perhaps NYE) dress dilemma? If not, then I really want to hear from you. I don’t think there is anyone that has a closet full of designer evening dresses clearly marked for each occasion, organised by colour, style, season and let’s not forget - weather. Actually I did once see an unbelievable interview of Anna Della Russo and her colour-coordinated wardrobe, calling her collection a fashion library… Never felt so inspired. 

While I wait for my dad’s punctual genes to kick in, I continue to live somewhat spontaneously, which in theory means I get dressed 10 minutes after the Uber has arrived. Not much thought goes into which party dress I pull out, it’s simply lead by a gut feeling and influenced by the latest Instagram picture I’ve screenshotted.

One can learn, 30 years on, that a little planning goes a long way. “Failing to plan is like planning to fail” were the words of my design teacher at Uni (shout out to Angela), which still echo in my head every Monday or so, but I do admit she had a point. I think we all could use a little bit of Angela and Anna Della Russo in our lives, especially at this time a year, when we expect full performance from out party-wear.

I’ve spent enough hours at Selfridges to know that they work very hard to keep us satisfied with the selection. Two weeks left of the year, the best parties are approaching, in other words, I have zero time, tolerance or patience for dresses that do not blow my mind (call me picky, but it’s actually more of a lifesaving refined eye that just barely keeps my doorways clear). High standards, a zero bullshit tolerance and a newly found strive for comfort (kicks in when turning 30), led me on to finding the perfect party dress. 

There is nothing quite like an Alexander McQueen dress, I’m technically wrapped in a knit with inbuilt nylons and I’ve never felt sexier. The dress squeezes where needed but gracefully sways when in motion. It’s the type of dress that has people do a double take - is it a knit or a cocktail dress? A jumper dress or a gown? It’s everything, and I am extremely fine with that.

The mentality of ‘you get out what you put in’ works especially well when we require our clothing to do more than just look good for a two hour cocktail appearance. So on to you to discover which designer dresses will pleasantly surprise you. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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