New year, new mood. Who will you be in 2018?

In collaboration with Reserved

It mysteriously read ‘Reserved’ on posters, busses and taxis throughout the summer in London. Reserved for what I thought, until I came across a majestic, attention demanding store window, equipped with flashing lights and sirens (ok maybe not sirens but it truly felt so) that practically took over Oxford Street.

Something big was happening in the former BHS space and that something involved Kate Moss. While she invitingly stared at me in a pair of vinyl trousers from a B&W photograph, I needed to know more. I though I knew Oxford street like the back of my hand.

Fast forward a few weeks, I boarded a private jet (there is nothing humble about this brag) that took me somewhere I’ve never been before, Poland to be exact. We embarked on a trip with Reserved, which I by now knew was Eastern Europe’s answer to Zara/Topshop/H&M. On the taxi ride from the airport we spotted four Reserved stores, so I was starting to grasp ‘the size of the deal’ here. Upon introduction, I learned that the company is family business since 1989. Not built on strategic marketing analysis, but a family that turned an opportunity into a business back when the country was living on food stamps, impressive right?

The retailer who has now made it to London, already counts Kate Moss, Jordan Dunn and Adwoa Aboah (aka. model of he year!) as their campaign faces, so jumping into explore further was a no brainer for me. What stood out for me was the Re.Design collection. Something young, fresh and definitely nothing like you’ll see on the average high-street. Streetwear meets catwalk meets 80’s influences, so brace yourself for some hard-hitting hiphop throwbacks and electric padded puffer jackets. The collection also evidently works for the one who enjoys oversized denim and high-wasted leather trousers, as long as they can be paired down with a wide sleeved, white shirt and a mannish coat… Aaand it was at this moment when I realised I styled this youth injected collection like a real 30 year old. Looks like I took the concept of a 80’s influence(r) a bit too literally.

Photos by Mikko Puttonen