Letting the diamonds do the talking.

In collaboration with Messika.

My jewellery habit works in somewhat of a cycle. I go from a shy curiosity to slowly building up an interest, that then quickly works its way into an addictive knack. Soon I find myself reserving time in my morning routine to pile on the bling, and I vividly start planning new ear piercings as I get lost in the world of Pinterest. I’ve been a ‘all or nothing’ type on this front for as long as I can remember. Until recently.

I’m growing into understanding the finesse on dainty, delicate jewellery. It’s what I’m continuously in the search for and what I’ve put on top of the Christmas wish-list. I hope the wish of ‘tiny diamonds’ have not been permanently tattooed to my boyfriend’s brain, but for now, and for everyday, the layering of delicate diamonds is what I prefer. They might be the last thing you slip on before walking out the door, or even something that grows to become a part of you, but those tiny details make all the difference. I present to you a black suit. Take off the jewellery and I’m practically just a mannequin in your digital window. The details is what tells the story, what pulls the viewer in, I’m going to call it the magic magnet, because hey, you are still reading this, right?

Diamond specialist Messika is someone that not only master the art of layering diamonds, but knows how to present their best feature - movement. To get the most out of the precious stones, subtle motion is required, which is why Messika celebrates 10 successful years of their signature Move collection. The feature stones that sit inside the diamond pave follows your movements, adding an extra point of interest to these delicate pieces. The anniversary also brought a new face into Maison Messika, as supermodel Gigi Hadid was pointed as the new muse of the French jeweler. 

As Gigi was the name on everyone’s lips, it became something to have at your fingertips. Gigi launched her own take on the Move collection, subtly updating the halo to a safety pin and so yet another iconic collection was born. The Move Addiction range that literally has Gigi written all over it, brings punk accents to the delicate collection and is available in versions to suit everyone from the graceful minimalist to the bold diamond collector.

As one still learns to fathom the evolving accessory game, nothing eases the Christmas celebrations like confidence and a set mind. This season is all about being everywhere and doing everything so keep your head in place, focus girl and aim to move as gracefully as those diamonds of your minimal armour.

Messika ‘Move’ jewellery | Isabel Marant jacket | Joseph trousers

Photos by Heikki Salonen