Louis Vuitton ‘Archlight’ sneakers

It’s in shock and disbelieve that I am endorsing sneakers here on 5 inch and up! But what can you do, the unknown excites me and like a 5 year old, I’ll continue wanting what I ‘can’t’ have.

The ‘dad sneaker’ has been forcing it’s way into almost every designers collection, sneaking in to our otherwise tailored wardrobe. Over the years, I said no to the Stan Smiths, the New balance the Nike’s and the chunky Balenciaga’s, but I wasn't able to say no to the Louis Vuitton one. ‘There is a little bit of a heel’ were words enough to have me hand over my credit card.

This is a shoe that grows on you, so bare with me. A shoe that is retro yet futuristic and that does not look like a dirty gym shoe that someone found deformed in the back of a closet (I’m looking at you Balenciaga). You may love it or hate it, but you must admit the Archlight’s shape is interesting and nothing like you’ve seen before. The updated 80’s accidental favourite will perfectly throw off your neatly styled spring suit and casually remove all the ‘over’ from your ‘overdressed’ ensembles. Wear them with white shirts, dresses, blazers and trench coats, just stay away from the hoodies and baggy jeans. These shoes are here to replace your heels, not your sneakers… if that makes sense.

Comfort: 5/5

Of course, these shoes are as comfortable as they look, I believe it would actually take extra work to make them uncomfortable. They might feel a bit ‘bulky’ and have you walk like a duck for the first few days but at least you are able to walk (unlike with many of the perviously reviewed shoes).

Quality: 4.5/5 

While these are the most expensive sneakers I’ve ever bought they do live up to the hype. The shape is unique and you’ll know that these are no average kicks. The chunky rubber sole is likely to starch easily so fight the burning urge to overtake people (although you’ll discover the wonderful world of speed walking)


Runs true to size, so don’t go experimenting size-wise. These are meant for walking so don’t make the coziest shoe in fashion history uncomfortable but taking a size too small. Going big, you’ll be tripping over your own steps so I don’t know what worse.


Purchase price:

$1,090 in NYC, February 2018. The ‘Archlight’ comes in eight from colour combinations, from silver to LV monogrammed, and a all black version was released exclusively for NYC.


Haters, do yourself a favour and jump teams, because this is a shoe that you will be seeing everywhere this summer. From Balenciaga to Stella McCartney, there is more or less a chunky sneaker in every designer collection. Let’s celebrate the ones that do this trend well and the trend that is challenging the tradition on women in uncomfortable shoes. Surely, not a shoe for everyone and definitely not a pair that will ‘elongate your legs and accentuate your female figure’ but for the fashion girl that prefers a dad sneaker over a sugar daddy, get yourself a pair before they sell out.


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Dad sneakers, best served white and with that akward platform.

Photos by Mikko Puttonen