Daylight savings

While it doesn't really feel like it, we officially moved into springtime over a week ago. My iPhone’s automatic time setting had already outsmarted me by the time I woke up that Sunday, while my loyal wristwatch kept throwing me off the whole day. See, I never bought into the whole smartwatch trend, the one that gives you Facebook notifications, simply because my phone is already working overtime when it comes to distracting me from life. From my watch, I have different demands. I am a jewellery indulger, so my timepiece needs to act accordingly and sit comfortably, whether I’m wearing it as a single piece or stacked with jewellery, mixed and not necessarily matched with similar precious metals.

I became a bit of a watch snob upon turning 30, after realising the simple joys a nice watch can bring. To someone that insists on changing earrings twice a day and owns more rings than my 10 fingers would ever be able to accommodate, a watch is just the right kind of accessory commitment that I am ready to make. Ralph Lauren just celebrated 10 years of its now iconic, Swiss-made Stirrup watch collection, where you’ll find subtle equestrian references running through the whole range. This I can truly appreciate, I come from a family that breeds horses after all.

The Stirrup petite-link watch might just be the most recognisable of them all, whether you want it with a classic or the mother of pearl face, it’s a timepiece that could just as well be classed as jewellery (something for you who shivers at the mention of a smartwatch).




Ralph Lauren Stirrup Petite-Link Mother of Pearl

As delicate as newly fallen snow, the various sized diamonds in the RL888 Snowfall will give you Après ski feels, even if we have Spring on our doorstep. With over 40 interchangeable straps, this is a model you’ll be guaranteed to never grow tired of.




Ralph Lauren RL888 Snowfall Diamond

Ralph Lauren Chunky chain jewellery

You only need to set half a foot into the perfectly decorated townhouse-like boutiques to transport you into the world of Ralph Lauren. Next thing you know, you are going to start wishing your wallpaper had a bit more ‘texture’ and lean toward ‘beige being the new black’. Clearly, I’m living in this belief as we speak and embracing rose gold like never before. Feminine in its soft finish but masculine with its simple chains, although the Chunky Chain collection is strong enough to fall into a statement piece category, they work just as well worn together and for everyday use. I guess this is what makes a hero piece, a piece you’ll have faith investing in. You can trust that a sophisticated spin on a chain is something that will go out of fashion anytime soon.

All jewellery and clothing by Ralph Lauren 

Photos by Mikko Puttonen