My leap into the world of acting

To the next chapter

I am both terrified and excited to reveal to you most exciting project yet. This time I haven't signed a million pound ambassador deal nor is this a grand brand collaboration, rather a leap into the unknown, fuelled by purely a passion and a calling that I am answering to satisfy simply one person, myself. 

Over the past two years, I’ve been studying acting and I am now ready to introduce this whole new chapter into this social world. Although I find this post difficult to write (mostly because I have a million things to say and it’s hard to convert emotions into words), finally coming out with these news brings me more excitement than any announcement or collaboration ever has. In TV and film, as a drama or comedy actress (they are surprisingly close to each other) is where I see a future and I m going to combine all of this with the shoe-obsessed, fashion loving, world travelling 5 inch and up persona that you already know. 

Before fashion took over my life like a pleasuring wave and long before blogs were even considered a tool for having your voice heard, let alone a career path, I wanted to become an actress. I was one of those annoying kids that would always put on an act, whether it was appropriate or not. Then came fashion and all the wonderful aspects of it, little did I know that my vain shopping addiction would soon turn useful. At the time Finland did not have enough options to study in the field of fashion so a few weeks later I found myself on a short course at LCF, which then lead me to apply for full time studies and eventually the start of this blog. So here we are, 8 years later, looking at a very different industry where the extreme ends seem to be to either ‘please your followers’ and adapt or stay true to yourself and do your own thing, even if that costs you your following. Longevity lies in the things you can continue naturally and without too much effort. As an influencer, having things come across as too ‘try hard’ is something I work hard to avoid. While this is not to be confused with hard work (the time I spend perfecting a shot…) The outcome needs to be effortless with a natural flow.

So, back the acting. After getting over the cliches - Am I too old to start? Do I need to have a background in drama? And will I ever be taken seriously? I thought I would have to end my career as an ‘Influencer’ and transition into an actress because these are two very opposite things. On one side we have the polished, posed, filtered, post-production images focused around products and a pretty face, in the other corner we have the non-filtered approach, built on emotion, raw feelings where the biggest fear is to come across as just a pretty face. See what I mean? Two years into my studies, I don’t feel the same and I don’t see them as two separate things anymore, we are all creators, whatever we do. The beauty of being an ‘influencer’ is that it’s such an undefined (and weird) profession where we have every other phone owner calling themselves an influencer, to ‘creatives’ that will hit the roof is you dare to put them in the blogger category. I guess what I am trying to say that the industry and peoples perception has changed. You are not required to fit into one box anymore, personality and aesthetics are what defines you, and that is something that I am more than happy to rely on.

So at what point does one even qualify to call themselves an actress? Not being able to answers this question is the reason why I haven't told you the news sooner. I’m now in the conversation of my second film role and I finally feel comfortable talking about this. I will be taking you along for the ride with behind the scenes images, ‘making of’ videos and more. In all honesty who the hell knows where this will take me, which is so incredibly exciting.

So in between some intense eye fucking, trying to not look like a serial killer, constipated nor gimmicky, illustrated above are some in between shots from my attempt to shoot headshots. It took a while to get into the role of not introducing a new lipstick or hiding behind a piece of jewellery, rather into a state of mind where appearing pretty would become secondary.

Photos by Mikko Puttonen