The Art of innovation

Art Basel and the Art of Caviar, a Swiss visit with La Prairie.

In collaboration with La Prairie

A stay in a historic, Alpine spa hotel and a chance to experience Art Basel with one of the most innovative and creative skincare brands on the market? This was an opportunity that I would never be able to forgive myself should I let it pass. Next thing I know I was flying over the white Alps and landed in a green, summery Switzerland that flooded me with iconic connotations of everything from Sound of Music to the illustrated Heidi books. Much like Finland, Switzerland is iconic for its winterly sceneries but a hidden gem and ever so underestimated for its summer spectacle.

Arriving at the recently reopened Bürgenstock Resort had me slightly panicking which app, camera or media to use to best document the breathtaking setting. The anxiety quickly settled when I sat in front of a view that looked like a watercolour painting. The Resort was nothing short from amazing, ‘resort’ is putting it lightly, it’s more like a village that on top of the impressive facilities hosts an iconic guest list. The resort is where Audrey Hepburn got married and Sophia Loren lived for several years, so it’ s safe to say the charm will win you over, too.

The old Basel town, "Heyday "by Georg Herold and "Exomind" by Pierre Huyghe, as part of the Parcours tour.

An hour away from the charming Bürgenstock we arrived at the old town of Basel where we were led through the Parcours tour that spread through the city. It quickly dawned on me that this town takes a lot of pride in its reputation of being the epicentre of modern art, as sound installations were installed in the sewers and old chapels used as the arenas for modern, colourful sculptures.

This was La Prairie's second year of sponsoring Art Basel, the worlds biggest annual art fair that has now spread through Miami and Hong Kong as well. When stepping into the fair itself it opened up to me how massive this was (I should have understood that by the number of private planes lined up at the airport) but the artwork quickly drew us into a world of its own. Sustainability, overconsumption and the importance of the individual were some of the most discussed topics, even school gun violence was an addressed subject. All works were so personal and raw that it halted everyone from the experienced visitors to the first-time visitors.

''Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)'' by Lara Favaretto.

‘’Tiger, Tiger, Tiger’’ by Ai Weiwei, ’'Tumba Abierta III’’ by José Yaque and Untitled by He Xiangyu.

‘’Death Star III’’ by Roberto Longo and ''Nero Cellotex'' by Alberto Burri.

Manon Wertenbroek  “Mirrors”, “Blue Portrait” and “Window Glimpse” were created and photographed by the artist in collaboration with La Prairie. She paid tribute to Niki de Saint Phalle’s work and incorporated cobalt blue which is signature colour to La Prairies Skin Caviar.

Returning back to the sanctuary (the hotel that is) we were introduced to the renewed version of La Prairie’s iconic Skin Caviar. 30 years on from when the original Skin Caviar formula was introduced, the dedicated, Switzerland based team points out that the development of innovation has allowed the experts to discover ways to better the formula - why would you otherwise fix something that definitely isn't broken?

From a caviar dinner to the caviar infused facial that was hands down the best one I’ve had to date (It’s available in Harrods too, just minus the view). It’s safe to say that my standards have once again been raised, I honestly don’t know how much higher I can go from this. Talk about a trip to sooth all your senses.