An Urban Garden in Bloom

GUCCI BLOOM Acqua di Fiori - Introducing the second wave of fragrance by Alessandro Michele.

In collaboration with Gucci

It’s been proven that no one has been unaffected by the seductive Gucci craze that took us by storm when Alessandro Michele stepped into the fashion house and if you are anything like me, it’s not just the wardrobe that got the experience the awakening.

The new chapter of Gucci Bloom embodies vitality and youth, as it’s inspired by friendship and the nature at its peak of Summer. Honouring this, I partnered up with the beautiful Peony Lim, a friend and colleague that inspires me on many levels, to shoot a story that would bring to life the vision that the Acqua di Fiori represents. The fresh, green scent is a continuation of the original Gucci Bloom, with added notes of Galbanum and cassis buds that will figuratively place you under a floral waterfall. Whether you currently find yourself in peaceful surroundings of a blooming countryside, or in an urban, wild garden in the middle of London like us - this scent is guaranteed to bring the feel of summer right to you.

Flowers and friendship, although it sounds like the perfect Instagram ingredients, I am talking about the real ones, that need to be nourished and treasured. This Spring has taken me by surprise and friendship-wise brought new, incredible women into my life. I don’t know if it’s the life situations over the past few years that has changed my priorities or my personal growth that has attracted these new inspiring characters. Either way, in-between the social shoutouts and ‘accidentally amazing’ press trips abroad, I am doing my best to honour all the important people in my life, new and old. You can only really be present at this very moment, so make sure those moments are spent with the people that matter the most to you.


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Photos by Kit Lee