Body Armour

Second skin that's second to none.

In collaboration with Wolford

Working with Wolford feels much like an old friend visiting, the one that you haven't spoken to in a while but you are picking up right were you left with zero effort.

It feels like everyone has a personal story, history or memory with Wolford. It’s most likely a piece that they can’t live without or a product category they always return to no matter what the season. For me, it’s that ‘Colorado’ body, which is, in my opinion, the sexiest you can get although you are quite literally covered up to your neck. Start with this piece and mentality, and you’ll be lined up with endless attitude boosting layering possibilities, I mean just wait for that faux leather top, a combination that has fast updated my perception of sensual layering.

Wolford is about to get a facelift this fall so expect more knits, nets and embroidery that will give underwear as overwear a whole new meaning. Pieces that gives you the option of either staying in or going out, pieces that has me falling in love with a unexpected pair of silver tights or layering a knitted body with my blazer like it’s something I’ve always done. I guess that’s what the trending hashtag #becomewolford stands for.

Wolford pieces worn:
Matilda knit
Emma ‘leather’ top
Athina net body
Satin Touch 20 knee-high socks in ‘black’
Satin Touch 20 tights in ‘fog’ and ‘black’
3W Skin Bra in ‘rose tan’
3W Skin Bra in ‘black’ 
3W Panty in ‘black’
Viscose Body in ’black’
Colorado Body in ‘white’
Wolford socks (in stores mid-November)

Jewelley by Maria Black
Photography by Angelina Ilmast